This winters reachout to Venusia Max Intensive Moisturizing Lotion. Venusia is a brand by Dr. Reddy’s

Packaging – It comes in a white opaque plastic bottle with a pump. It has a stopper that makes it spill proof.

Texture – The lotion is milky white in color with a mild fragrance. It’s neither too runny nor too thick in consistency.

Price – 899/- you may get it at a discounted rate that varies from 600/- to 800/- (it is expensive but totally worth the size and quantity which lasts for 8 months to a year).

Venusia is suitable for all skin type, especially sensitive skin.. It calms irritated and itchy skin. It soothes redness and rashes.  It hydrates your skin and keeps it supple throughout the day. It is non greasy and absorbs into the skin easily so it can be used even in summers.

It is Dermatologists recommended for people with extremely dry and acne prone skin. It is non comodogenic. Regular use may also reduce dark spots and controls body acne.

It’s size makes it non travel friendly.

It has all the qualities one would want from a Moisturizing body lotion.

Ratings – 4.5/5


2022 started like any other year. Nothing unique. Spent time with family, good food and lots of pictures to capture the beginning of the year.

Due to bad health my work had suffered in the last year and I had not made enough profit to renew for 2022. I decided to not have it took me a good 3 to 4 months after that to windup projects from existing clients. DS was one of my clients. I made good business with my seasonal client which was almost coming to  end. I informed DS that I won’t be working anymore. That is when Kavita offered me to work with DS as a full time

Some how I was excited because I never worked with a corporate company before. Either it was me alone working directly with clients or I worked directly with my ex boss. People joined Talent Selexion and left in a month or 2. So I always wanted to work in a company with more people.

I got disappointed when my final round of interview did not go well. The interviewer looked very strict which made me more nervous. I was sure of being rejected. After few weeks kavita came back saying that she fought for me and wanted me to join DS. It was very strange so I asked many questions and she convinced me saying it was all normal and assured me that once I join no one will hold anything against me. I joined DS.

I was excited to work with a big team but when I actually saw so many people sending welcome messages I got scared. I didn’t talk to anyone for a month. The only people I interacted to was Shrinath and Kavita because I knew them before I even joined DS.

Initially Shrinath kept pulling me up for everything. Later I showed him my blunt side, he said one thing to me and I said 2 things in turn. It was fun. However I realized he was a very nice person so I started behaving myself. We disagreed on many things and also had royal arguments on how he made decisions. In spite of all this I went to him whenever anything bothered me professionally. In fact more than my Manager I was comfortable talking to him. I guess he was the only person who had experienced the crazy side of me till then. I enjoyed irritating him at times. All said and done, I respected him more than anyone else there.

Slowly I started talking to other people. I really started enjoying. It was worth pushing my limits.

However there was something that was not right. I noticed Kavita had subscription for her personal use through internal conneections. Simultaneously she wanted the compamy to have Linkedin subscription which was expensive. I was against the idea of having Linkedin subscription, when we could have which was cheaper and very useful compared to Linkedin. Kavita asked me to stay quire and not express my views to the higher authorities, so i just let it go.

After meeting a few of them it became more easy to connect with everyone including the US team. I expected better understanding between me and Kavita after the Mumbai meetup. Shockingly Kavita’s attitude towards me changed overnight. She used to yell and say petty things without any valid reason. She created a rift between me and the ones I shared good bond. She did not wanted me to talk to anyone. I told her straight this behaviour was not acceptable and she had no good reason to behave that way. She still did not change and continued behaving badly. It was as if she wanted some reaction from me. After some days she started taking away my tasks and asked someone else to do it. I couldn’t take it anymore and reacted abruptly to it. By now I had realized how manipulative and cunning she was!

She played it smartly by showing that I was not performing well. When I confronted her with facts she conveniently said I was making too many mistakes and she had to train me for everything. She never really trained me on the things I actually needed training but lectured me for hours on things I was already good at. We all make mistakes including she but she made my little mistakes look big.

She asked me to quit and I put it back on her by asking a written notice. To cover up her own guilt she changed my department. Here again she pretended of being nice and giving me a chance to stay and not asking me to leave. I had strong reasons for not taking up the alternate  role. After working for 9 years as a Recruiter, a basic copy paste job did no justice to my skills. Moreover this caused a lot of strain to my eyesight and sitting in a posture looking at the screen closely caused a terrible back ache.

She again used this by saying I had problems working with people. My blunt nature was termed as arrogance.

I raised my voice against this but what was surprising was, people’s behaviour. The colleagues who encouraged me to take a stand and when I actually took a stand, suddenly changed and started supporting Kavita. It was understandable as it’s human tendency to stand by the person who is in a position of power. No one really want to get their hands dirty. Without addressing my concern, they hired someone else in my place.

My hardwork and dedidication was ignored as if I never existed. They spoke glories about the team publicly just to make me feel guilty? How easily they forgot I was a part of the same team. I guess they never really accepted me as a part of their team. I was hired because they didn’t have any other option that time.

There was no much scope but still I wanted to know what the COO had to say in the final call. As expected he started the conversation with listing my mistakes and said he could have taken action against me but did not. I wondered I had not done anything wrong then what action he would take against me. I had gone mentally prepared to listen silently to what he had to say because it was futile defending myself or arguing at this point. I didn’t really talk much but told him i dont want to quit. Somehow felt he genuinely wanted to help and keep me in the company. Later I received a mail stating my resignation was accepted. It was clear then, that he just tried to play.

I never asked for too much or any favors. Neither did I want anything exceptional. I just wanted my role back. The role  which I put my heart and soul into and worked dedicately. May be my approach was wrong but no matter whichever approach I adopted the result would be the same.

More than anyone else Shrinath’s behaviour hurt me the most. I didn’t expect him to support me but his indirect comments and taunts were almost killing.

This was my fight against my Manager but God knows why the others made this their fight against me.

It was too much of a trauma for my family to see me broken. So I decided to spend the last week of the year peacefully with my family.

Now when I think about all this I feel kavita alone could not have the guts to do all this. Sure she had support….!

Some fond memories of 2022


We all talk about inclusion, accessibility and equal opportunities to all but does it really exist in the so called corporate world?

Does our corporate world understand the needs of a differently abled person and support them in the way they should?

Does it exist in other areas of our life?

There are a few companies that conduct job fairs for people with different physical and intellectual problems. However there is still a large section out there unaware, unreached, uneducated.

It’s really nice to see people coming in large number and creating awareness on a certain day; World Cerebral Palsi day, World Autism day, etc…

Way back in 2018, World CP day, when I was felicitated with the Young Achievers Award by Adapt I was on cloud9. However such events should be conducted more often.

I remember a few years back when I went on a trip to Mumbai Darshan, all excited. I was disappointed when the Tourist Guide restricted me of getting off the bus at the first destination just because I may not be able to come back on time. This happened for the next 4 destinations. I finally raised my voice and said I didn’t pay you just to sit in the bus and people around supported, that was when the Guide apologized and let me visit the remaining destinations. We still need to reach out these areas for more accessibility and inclusion.

There are quite a few places where  they have palanquins to carry people with motion disability to their desired destination. One such place was ‘Elephanta Caves’ . Having the option to be carried I opted to climb up myself as I wanted to enjoy and explore every place there. Though I couldn’t walk for 2 days after that 😆 The palanquin is a nice facility for people with motion disability.  People are willing to extend support, all we need is to raise our concerns / voices wherever possible.

Due to these facilities I visited the Mysore Palace with a lot more ease and comfort

Companies are willing to hire differently able people but are they really aware about the problems people face after hiring. Many a times companies just don’t care. Owners are not aware of the politics being played by people to achieve their own agendas. And amongst this power game the sincere people suffer the most. People around are so clouded with their ego that they just don’t acknowledge that a person  with disability too can perform. It tales alot for a differently abled person to perform even simple tasks but the so called normal people just don’t understand. They do everything possible to make us feel incapable and eventually having us resign. Once we resign, they are very happy as if they have won a war.

Every person suffering from Cerebral Palsi come with a different set of physical and intellectual problems.

Like in my case, it’s difficult for me to keep up with speed and pace of my colleagues. I was lucky my first employer allowed me to work on my own system to make me more comfortable. I slowly picked up speed and also got over the vision issue by increasing the font size of my screen. Even after years of experience I still find it difficult to adjust in a new work environment. All we need here is patience and time.

I don’t make new friends easily. I only talk to a few known people around me. As a recruiter it was a real challenge for me interacting with new people day in day out. I still stammer at times but I manage interacting as much as needed professionally. Personally I still stay silent when it comes to interacting with a new person😁

I never faced any challenge getting into a normal school or college. For me I had ‘Inclusion’ , ‘Acessibity’ and ‘Equal Opportunities’ almost everywhere I stepped.

Ofcourse there were struggles but I had strong support everywhere I.e. family, friends and mentors. I feel like I was born with a silver spoon 😎.

This was my story but there are many out there still struggling for recognition. We need to reachout to more such people



Cerebral Palsy (CP) – An unseparable part of one’s life!

As a kid when I looked at other kids running, jumping, playing I used to think one day a Fairy will come and miraculously heal my legs but as I grew older I learnt about CP, that there was no cure to it. There is no ‘fight against CP’ in my dictionary. I have accepted CP as a part of my life. CP has affected me a lot physically but at the same time CP has made me strong and self motivated.

There are many out there who are not aware or have never even heard about CP, including me. It was only when I was diagnosed with CP I learnt about it. That’s when I decided to pursue psychology as my major subjects in my final year. Along with CP I learnt about so many other physical and mental disorders.

I suffer from CP but I have come a long way from being nothing to being a successful entreprenuer today. I had many rejections and failures but nothing stopped me. There were people willing to give me a chance and I took all the little chances and opportunities to move ahead.

Covid-19  has been difficult for me when it came to traveling. I have been in my house for months and always wanting to go outdoors like before. This again came with a blessing in disguise. I got the time to read my favourite Ruskin Bond books. I got time to blog again. I developed interest in cooking and especially baking.

Whether be it work or competition, I never hesitate to take it up.

Apart from running my own recruitment consultancy I have been part of many events

I hosted a fancy dress competition held in a special school on world crebral palsy day in 2017

In 2018, I participated in a special marathon to create awareness for CP

Later in 2018 itself I received an Adapt Achievement Award from the Adapt foundation, for my achievements.

In 2019, I have been part of a special Garba event held for CP kids.

Now in 2020, for the occasion of World CP Day on 6th October I am running a campaign for the awareness of CP



To conclude I’d say family plays a vital role in shaping the life of people with special needs. Family’s acceptance gives the confidence to face the world and stand strong in all situations.


In today’s busy life, we hardly get time for entertainment. Amongst our busy life we have those little moments of joy that we capture and cherish all our life. Selecting one perfect selfie is difficult because every selfie is perfect in itself. Every selfie has a special moment frozen in it.

Sometimes great moments of our lives are captured by our loved ones, like the one below
For the first time I was on stage hosting a special event on “World Cerebral Palsi Day”. That day it didn’t hurt to tell the world that I am a Cerebral Palsi person. It was a moment of pride to tell people, how I have accepted Cerebral Palsi and it no longer affects my daily life. Today I own a recruitment company. It really felt nice to tell parents of other kids affected by the same that, “If I can do it, Your kids can do it too”.

The second great moment of my life was when I ran a Marathon for the first time.
This was a special Marathon for people affected with Cerebral Palsi and other physical disabilities. There was no competition here, but a unique message for the world out there. I will run many more Marathons, however this one will always remain the closest to my heart.

Those were the two great moments of my life, captured and frozen forever 🙂 Life is made up of many small joys and moments spent with our loved ones. #EnjoyMore

When I met the great Master Chef Vikas Khanna

When we won a gift hamper at IndiBlogger meet up

When I wore Mom’s saree

Alex and me at WordCamp Mumbai

When we were talkining about my school days and how I looked in 2 chotis 🙂

Just chilling on a Sunday noon

And that’s a lollipop selfie

Some of my best selfies #perfectselfie

This picture makes me feel like the Princess of Mysore Palace 🙂

A Picture don’t really need words to describe itself. It can express a thousands of emotions all at once. Always have your phone with you because you never know when where how you will need to click a perfect selfie moment 🙂

Freelance Recruiter

Hi there,

I have been working as a Freelance Recruiter from the past few months and would like to explore opportunities to collaborate on your manpower/Client requirements.

I have an experience of 3.5 years in recruitment, during which I have successfully hired for some well-known companies like Ugam Solutions, GFK, Experian, Shopperstop, Lifestyle, Aptronix, Mogra, Richfeel, Four Fountains Spa, Fidelis Management Consultancy, etc. I have successfully hired for a variety of industries like Market Research, Retail, Hotel industry (especially QSR), Real Estate, Educational (including e-learning companies), CA firms, Audit firm, Facility Management, Health and Beauty, Pharmaceuticals, IT, E-Commerce, etc. I have worked for IT and non-IT mandates ranging from junior to mid and senior-level positions.

All Companies may rely on me for quality hiring with flexible payment terms. Recruitment Agencies may outsource their requirements to me.

You may connect with me via email on or call me on 8779411061

Another Year At Talent Selexion 

Ah. I completed another year at Talent Selexion. After all the drama I am still here hahaha. Now this is what I call ‘blessing in disguise’. Everytime I turn into Singham and say ‘ata majhi satakali’ there’s always something that holds me back in Talent Selexio xoon 🙂 

After my Christmas vacation when I resumed duty, everything was the same. Work went smoothly as usual. There was peace in the office and my views about my Boss was the same, he is Gabbar. The day came when I completed a year at Talent Selexion. We had an appraisal procedure. My Boss offered me a salary hike, also promoted me to a Sr. Consultant. However, before this we had a meeting, where we discussed about my annual performance, my strengths, and my weaknesses. It was a lengthy conversation, where I put my views across and Sir in turn put his views across. After that conversation my views about my Boss changed. I never went to him and spoke if I came across any difficulty in any of my assignments but after this conversation I became very comfortable talking to him. I went to him without hesitation whenever required. 

Workwise everything went smoothly. There came a period when I got attracted to someone. We all go through this phase at some point of time but in my case I didn’t know how to react to the situation. I was unable to get over this to the extent that it even affected my performance at work. As my performance was going down, my Boss again turned into Gabbar. He put pressure on me to perform, however I just couldn’t concentrate. So finally I decided I need a break. I wrote to my Boss that I desperately need a break. After reading my mail my Boss immediately understood there was something seriously wrong and he gave me that break and told me come back once you feel ready to work. Sir never really shouted at me for low performance but that time our business was going through a tough time so may be that made him aggressive, however Sir did not tell me anything because he knew I was already quiet disturbed. 

That whole week I spent with my Mom. We went shopping, went for walks, ate lots of ice creams, spoke to my friends and also went for a nice new haircut. All this helped me get over my confusions and in the mean while I decided to take a bold step. I went and confessed to that person about my feelings. Everything was sorted. Surprisingly that person was very understanding. Now we share a different kind of a relation and I pray our beautiful relation last forever. 🙂 

Anyways coming back to Talent Selexion, after the break I was all ready to work and I did. I performed well. However professionally it was a bad phase for our organization. We slowly started loosing clients, closures were few, candidates were dropping. Stress levels were going up. Sir started shouting at me for every little bit. He never had anything personal against me but it was just the business stress that came out. I being an employee felt the pain of our organization shutting down, i can understand what my Boss must have gone through. It’s not easy to see your dreams shatter in front of you. 
My Boss has always been very supportive. He is not like other Bosses who gives you assignments and sit on your head for CV’s. He gives us the assignment and makes sure we understand every aspect of the requirement. He helps us whenever we get stuck in any of the assignments.  Since Talent Selexion was always there for me even I want to be there for Talent Selexion.
Our office shut down we started working from home. Now every minute the stress level was increasing. Since Sir couldn’t see me working and he had his own problems to deal with, he started putting pressure on me. He started imposing his ways on me. Unfortunately I was unable to adapt the new procedures. I started falling ill often and Sir thought since I am working from home I am not working seriously. It was not anyone’s fault just the time was bad. I wanted to be in Talent Selexion to help in building it again however I failed in giving my best. Misunderstandings were so much that Sir asked me to leave. I was so upset. I started applying for other jobs but again my heart was stuck in Talent Selexion. I went back to Sir and told him I want to continue working. Sir gave me a chance. 

My luck was so bad at that time that inspite of all my efforts I was unable to perform well. Everyday Sir got upset on me, meaningless arguments, made things worse. I decided to resign. I resigned. I was not happy with this decision but sometimes we need to make difficult choices. I did not apply for any other job as well because I was not ready for it.
After a week Sir called me. He offered me to work with him as a freelancer. Somewhere it was like a dream come true. I just wanted to be a part of Talent Selexion. It really doesn’t matter whether i am working as a freelancer or a full time employee as long as I am a part of the organization. I accepted the offer without thinking much. Now once again Sir gave me the freedom to work the way I am comfortable and touchwood my performance too is back on track. 

Due to some personal reasons I had decided to take up another job. I went for one interview and also got selected. The best part of the interview was when I was asked about my company. A different level of pride for Talent Selexion came in my attitude when I spoke about it. This itself held me back. Inspite of having a very good offer I didn’t take it up because there can not be anything better than my Talent Selexion. 

I belong here just here no where else I want to go. 🙂 

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