Two Pillars

The world is going through a bad phase right now. Nothing’s gonna be the same after this world crisis of Covid-19 , especially for those who have lost their loved ones. Most of us are living in fear as to what will happen the next minute. We keep praying that none of our loved ones are affected by this virus.

Lockdown has brought life to a standstill, however there are many of us out there who are catching up with their passion which they had left aside due to their busy schedule. I am one of them 🙂 I’ve started writing again.

We human beings are weird. We express our anger easily but we are unable to express our love, care and gratitude easily. Many a times we take our loved ones for granted but never stop and thank them for anything.

Today I am gonna write about the two strong pillars of my life, without whom my life wouldn’t have been the way it is today. My Amma and my brother Alex are the two pillars of my life. I am very lucky to have them in my life. I have spent some of the most important years of my life with them. I can say I have grown stronger. I have spent some of the most precious moments with them. They never made me feel I was different. I being a cerebral palsy child, my Mom had faced many challenges bringing me up but she never made me feel bad about anything.

Today I completed my education and also started working independently, is all because of the strong support from my Mom and brother Alex.

My Mom is a simple home maker, not very educated. However she wanted me to study and due to her strong determination and support I was able to complete my studies. I also did my higher education. During my college I had undergone multiple surgeries but nothing really affected my studies. My Mom and brother stood by me always and never I felt bad about my existence. It is because of them I never took my life as a tragedy. I took life the way it came. We always had a reason to smile and carry on with our lives. Life is much more calm and peaceful from the time I’ve started working. They both stood besides me when I received The Young Achievers Award. A proud moment for both.

Having his own business sometimes my brother is unable to accompany me in my events but Mom has never missed any of my events. She stood proudly while I spoke at one of the events.

She even accompanied me in the special marathon for the awareness of cerebral palsy. She was happy that I won the 2nd prize.

Apart from this there are many little things that the three of us do together like celebrating each others Birthdays, sometimes ordering food from out for no particular reason, etc. These little things make life beautiful.

Like other ladies Mom does not have a friend circle. She doesn’t go for kitty parties or shopping. From the time I’ve started working from home, I spend a lot of time with my Mom. She now sees a friend in me She shares her every little joys, concerns and fears. We also gossip about our neighbourhood aunties in code language 😛 We both go out shopping, parks, beach and also eat out  at times.

Mom doesn’t accept people easily, especially those in her bad books. She starts hating people easily. She has gone through alot which has made her like this. Somehow I feel she doesn’t like anybody else getting close to me because she finds ways to put that person away. This irritates me at times but then I tell myself it’s ok because whatever be it, it’s my Mom whose gonna be there for me always. I many a times convince her to be nice just for the sake of maintaining peaceful relations with others. Above all I love my Mom and Am very proud of her. She is what she. She doesn’t pretend to be nice from out and hold hatred within.

Alex is just 2 years older to me but looks like he is many years older to me. He is like a Father to me. I was quite young when I had undergone a major stomach surgery and was very critical. He stood by Mom through the entire phase. He made arrangements for the required funds, medicines, etc. He along with Mom kept track of my treatment, follow ups and all. Moreover till 10 years no one knew I had cerebral palsy. It was he who went about talking to different people and learnt that I had cerebral palsy and got me into the right treatment. Not only this every time I under went a surgery of my leg it was he who lifted me in his arms to the hospital and bought me back home. He takestme on his bike wherever l wish to go and I enjoy bike rides with him. Anyone dare trouble me and he is ready to set fire.

He is a friend when I am upset. He makes me laugh with his funny talks. I run to him for every little thing. I pick up the phone and call him at any hour I feel like talking to him. Whenever I am stuck somewhere, he leaves all his work and comes to pick me. He got me into the best college for me. He takes me to most of his events and proudly introduces me to all his friends and business colleagues.

We have spent many more fun moments together. He is strict when I am stubborn.

We also fight alot but we love each other more than we fight. He is always there whenever I need him.

He has a lot of patience and a high tolerance level. He is full of life and spending time with him is always fun. Just like Mom he never pretends, he is what he is. He cares about everyone in the family. He is sensitive towards people around and helps all of them.

I feel safe in his presence when I am scared of something. I blindly trust him for everything. He teaches memto do whats right and just. This helps me to act in the right way and be a more humble person. Life has been a roller coaster for him since he got married but he stood strong throughout.

I can not imagine my life without my Mom and brother.

We have a big extended family where all of them have their own differences but a sweet family who stand strong together all good/bad times.