We all talk about inclusion, accessibility and equal opportunities to all but does it really exist in the so called corporate world?

Does our corporate world understand the needs of a differently abled person and support them in the way they should?

Does it exist in other areas of our life?

There are a few companies that conduct job fairs for people with different physical and intellectual problems. However there is still a large section out there unaware, unreached, uneducated.

It’s really nice to see people coming in large number and creating awareness on a certain day; World Cerebral Palsi day, World Autism day, etc…

Way back in 2018, World CP day, when I was felicitated with the Young Achievers Award by Adapt I was on cloud9. However such events should be conducted more often.

I remember a few years back when I went on a trip to Mumbai Darshan, all excited. I was disappointed when the Tourist Guide restricted me of getting off the bus at the first destination just because I may not be able to come back on time. This happened for the next 4 destinations. I finally raised my voice and said I didn’t pay you just to sit in the bus and people around supported, that was when the Guide apologized and let me visit the remaining destinations. We still need to reach out these areas for more accessibility and inclusion.

There are quite a few places where  they have palanquins to carry people with motion disability to their desired destination. One such place was ‘Elephanta Caves’ . Having the option to be carried I opted to climb up myself as I wanted to enjoy and explore every place there. Though I couldn’t walk for 2 days after that 😆 The palanquin is a nice facility for people with motion disability.  People are willing to extend support, all we need is to raise our concerns / voices wherever possible.

Due to these facilities I visited the Mysore Palace with a lot more ease and comfort

Companies are willing to hire differently able people but are they really aware about the problems people face after hiring. Many a times companies just don’t care. Owners are not aware of the politics being played by people to achieve their own agendas. And amongst this power game the sincere people suffer the most. People around are so clouded with their ego that they just don’t acknowledge that a person  with disability too can perform. It tales alot for a differently abled person to perform even simple tasks but the so called normal people just don’t understand. They do everything possible to make us feel incapable and eventually having us resign. Once we resign, they are very happy as if they have won a war.

Every person suffering from Cerebral Palsi come with a different set of physical and intellectual problems.

Like in my case, it’s difficult for me to keep up with speed and pace of my colleagues. I was lucky my first employer allowed me to work on my own system to make me more comfortable. I slowly picked up speed and also got over the vision issue by increasing the font size of my screen. Even after years of experience I still find it difficult to adjust in a new work environment. All we need here is patience and time.

I don’t make new friends easily. I only talk to a few known people around me. As a recruiter it was a real challenge for me interacting with new people day in day out. I still stammer at times but I manage interacting as much as needed professionally. Personally I still stay silent when it comes to interacting with a new person😁

I never faced any challenge getting into a normal school or college. For me I had ‘Inclusion’ , ‘Acessibity’ and ‘Equal Opportunities’ almost everywhere I stepped.

Ofcourse there were struggles but I had strong support everywhere I.e. family, friends and mentors. I feel like I was born with a silver spoon 😎.

This was my story but there are many out there still struggling for recognition. We need to reachout to more such people