My Journey

Hi guys,

Here I am today, not to review any product but to share my life journey with all of you with the hope that it may inspire and encourage other people like me.

I was born normal. It was at the age of 5 that I started falling very often and eventually I completely stopped walking. Till almost 10 years after this no one could diagnose what exactly was the problem. My mom wasn’t that literate to understand medical terms and so she kept taking me to different doctors. Tried ‘n’ number of treatments. But nothing really helped. One of the doctors even told my mom that I was mentally challenged and I won’t be able to study in a normal school. My mom said my daughter from no angle looks mentally challenged. My mom decided to continue my studies in a normal school. And and and surprisingly I not only had a normal school life like others but also was doing well academically. As years passed my brother Alex found out that I was actually suffering from ‘Cerebral Palsy’.

After I completed my 10th my bro got me admission in a nearby good college. Simultaneously my bro was finding ways to get me treated. With the reference of Priya Duth my bro took me to the Spastics Society of India. We met a physiotherapist there who suggested me some simple exercises and even referred me to an orthopedist. He told that I can’t be completely alright and walk normal again. But he can make me better and help me by making my legs more straight. For this l had to undergo various surgeries. At that time I even suffered a major intestine blockage. My survival through this was a real time miracle. The best part was these things never affected my studies; simultaneously I was living a fun college life. I did all the pranks, masti, drama , celebrated all kinds of days in college. I was very fussy about doing my exercises hehe. I was more interested in my studies. And I am so proud that I never ever got a single KT in my entire college life 🙂

Then came the day when I completed my graduation. I did my majors in psychology. I always wanted to be a special educator. So after graduation I visited few colleges and universities but unfortunately, since I couldn’t travel much I had to drop the idea of doing MA in psychology 🙁

God knows how and when I got the idea of doing MBA in HR. Yes I completed my MBA in HR.

Completing my studies was never a big deal for me. The actual challenge was to get a job. Being a physically challenged person, the very first impression people had, “how will you manage job”. Many a times these little things bothered me a lot but then I have a lovely family who always supported me in all my decisions. Their love and care gave me the courage to forget such incidents and get going in life.

Then came the day, when I was very happy because after so many rejections in interviews I gave the best interview of my life. I got selected for the job. My first ever job. It was a recruitment firm. Nah it wasn’t planned to get into recruitment. In fact I never even knew which field I was getting into. My basic funda was I am going to be an HR and give people jobs. The first day at work was quiet good. But gradually when I realised working on a PC is gonna be a real hard time for me, due to my eyesight problem, I was very upset. In second all the happiness, excitement of having a job vanished.

Somehow I was self motivated just for that one person who showed so much of faith in me and gave me this job. He’s an amazing human being. His values and teachings inspired me to get going. In the begining it wasn’t easy but eventually I was able to overcome my limitations. But one thing that demotivated me the most were my colleagues. Their indifferent attitude made me feel unwanted there. Not all were like that still the attitudes of few were enough to demotivate me. One of my colleagues who had joined along with me on the same day was very supportive. She always kept telling me don’t bother these people. But don’t know what exactly made me so weak that I decided to quit. I just couldn’t stand their attitude anymore. I left that job within a month itself. I still respect that person a lot who had selected me for that job. I will always regret that I couldn’t keep up to his confidence that he had showed in me.

Anyways life has to go on, so my hunt for another job started. Within a week I got another job. This time it was a part time job though. It was a health check up centre wherein they used to set up health camps at various places. People came there for routine health checkups and based on their reports the company had various kinds of vitamin tablets. My job was to follow up with the people who came for checkup, explain them their test reports, and sell them the medicines, it was all good. In the training I was picking up all the various kinds of health problems very well. But when I told them about my vision problem they immediately told me that they can’t keep me on this job. That was the most heart breaking incident of my life. After this I had decided I don’t want to work anywhere. During this phase also it was my family who stood by me. My mom, my brother Alex never made me feel bad about not having a job.

Months passed I started living a normal life again. My self confidence was back. I started feeling that I should do something. In those days I had nothing to do so the whole day I used to just surf the net. Visited various sites. I came across product reviews. I kinda found this very interesting. I started experimenting with various products. I found the reviews were so true about those products. I told my bro even I wanted to do the same. It was then that he told me about WordPress. He created this Id ; Ela re Ela; for me and told I can start writing here. Wow l just loved this. It was so fun experimenting with products and reviewing them. This went on for months. I was very happy with this.

After few months my brother’s friend told him about a vacancy in a recruitment firm. My bro fixed up my interview with them. I had no much hopes of getting that job. After so many failures I had become negative about giving interviews. Unexpectedly that day I got selected again. Hmmmm, my first day at work, I was so nervous, more than being nervous I was scared. The same old memories were tuning at the back of my mind. I felt like the history is gonna repeat again. But luckily nothing like that happened. I got a very nice and supportive colleague who helped me a lot. I learnt everything about recruitment from her. In fact my boss even allowed me to use my own laptop which is more convenient for me. I am able to use it well now. Its not like I am become an expert or everything is visible; its just that I am learning new ways to tackle things that are not visible. Each time I learn a new method I get the ‘WOW’ feeling.. :). Its been 6 months now since I joined my current company. I am enjoying my job. And to be frank recruitment has become a part of my life now. It really feels nice that people recognise you as the person who placed them in a company. And to top it all my office environment is very nice. Its peaceful and no office politics happen here.

Yeah I know you guys might be thinking, ‘great its a happy ending’ ; no its not the end, its happy though. I am sure there is more to life. Let’s see what more surprises life has for me in the journey to my final destination. I am very content with my life now. There is nothing missing in it as such but I do have a dream in life. Nah I won’t tell you my dream now, may be some other time. For now I just wanna say along with recruitment, I will continue writing as and when I get time.

Do let me know what topics you guys want me to write about and I will try my best to come up with those topics. Until my next blog Cya. Lots of love and prayers. Stay good and don’t forget to smile 🙂

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